A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are a frog. You wake up in a park alone. You feel fine, but waitsomething's missing... Your limbs! They've been blown off in an explosion! Navigate the city in search of limbs you can use, and maybe find an escape to your freedom...

A fun and wacky physics-based platformer where you must use your various limbs to traverse the environment as you recover them! Latch onto objects with your tongue, hop with your legs, and climb with your arms!


Weston Wright - Scripting
Ethan Godwin - Level Design
Jordan Pak - Environment and UI Art
Kathleen Haklar - Environment Art
Miranda West - Character and UI Art
Lexie Rodriguez - Music & Sound
Casey Donnellan - Mentor


Frogmented_Mac_1.06.zip 141 MB
Frogmented_Windows_1.07 (Current).zip 134 MB


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doesnt work for me, i finish customizing my frog and then i press "finish" nothing happens, one time i even left it running for a while and nothing happened

i saw a comment mentioning the same problem but i have the windows pc version and it doesnt work

also i have a small channel on yt and started uploading vids and i rly wanted to make a video on this but sadly i cant bc of this problem and on my channel i only play these type of simple 2d games bc my old laptop cant rly run better games only some simple 3d games

Made a video


Hey, I loved Frogmented so featured it in my favourite games of the past week!

Thank you for playing our game! Good video too !

Am I supposed to be able to get past the paint the frog screen? I click finish but nothing happens. The buttons also run off the screen so idk if there's a button next to finish or not. I'm running the mac build.

Oh no, that's really weird, sorry about that! Mac builds from Unity have been really strange lately, so that might be part of the problem, but we have encountered some issues loading the main level in previous builds. I'd recommend trying the PC version if you have one, but we definitely get that that might not be an option. We'll try to look into it!

Thanks for looking into it! Your game looks really cute & I'd love to be able to play it.

Aw, thanks so much! We appreciate the interest.


A Fun cheerful looking game with a dark twist going on the background. Feels like Getting Over It or Pogo Stuck, but with a more fun and worth to complete it. (Doesn't makes you feel to threw your chair out of the window)

The thing I loved the most was the ability for us to design our Frog, so adorable.

There's also a bug that makes you stuck on objects, I didn't record it and unable to find the cause. 

Thanks so much for the feedback! We really appreciate it.




Toad DLC when?

Any chance for controller support?

We're thinking about adding it in future updates!

Frog is good, 10/10


I like frog